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Day 1 of 90: Fitness Challenge

So Danny actually approached me about wanting to do a 90 day fitness challenge.  Although I was slightly hesitant, we like our tacos and margs, I said “screw it” and agreed to do it with him.  I’m normally the one that caves on my diet, its hard to keep up with when all you want is Portillo’s.


Day 1: 3/22/17

Day one started off with me waking up at 5:30 to go take out Kade.  After he did his business and we came in I poured coffee (black) and sipped on it until a little after 6.  It’s of course the very first day of my dieting and exercising and I have nothing planned out.  We went through weighing ourselves.  I went with the heavier weight from our two scales.  (We have a regular digital black scale, and a Fitbit Aria Scale)  It came out to 168. It broke my heart a little to see that I had gained back a few pounds, although I felt like I had, I thought I was about 10 lbs less.  Again I went with the heavier weight from the two scales (the other read 155lbs)  in the end I’ll see bigger results, and hopefully it helps me work much harder in the long run.

My goal is to lose 7lbs a month, (preferably 10lbs or more) and at the end of the 90 days my goal is to be down 20lbs.

Breakfast: It probably doesn’t help that I skipped breakfast at home, and picked up Taco Bell breakfast.  I figured that If I was going to start a diet, this would be the only taco bell or any fast food for the next 90 days.  I can’t help myself IT’S SO GOOD!

Lunch:By the time 12:30 came around I headed to the Deli located in my building and I got a ‘Apple Crunch Salad’ and green tea.  The salad was delicious loaded with almonds, blueberries, dried cranberries, apples, feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. After I ate, I walked around the building for a half hour and then headed back to my desk.

Dinner: Once I got home, I walked Kade and began prepping for dinner.  I made mashed potatoes, and Ranch seasoned chicken.  It was my first time making ranch chicken and there were so many recipes for it on pinterest that included breading.  I decided to make it very simple by seasoning the chicken in salt, pepper, and the dry ranch seasoning.  I cooked in on the stove using some vegetable oil spray and it was done so quick, and it was yummy.

I don’t snack often, so day 1 consisted of no snacks, just one lovely glass of Vodka, and La Croix water after dinner.


Cheers to the next 90 days!




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