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Bringing Home Kade

For Christmas my boyfriend, Danny, surprised me with a box full of dog toys and a lovely message that I’m getting a puppy.  We set some standards that we would crate train our future puppy, he wouldn’t be allowed in the bedrooms since they are carpeted, and he wouldn’t be allowed on the couch.  We had some hit and misses waiting to get approved at an adoption center, finding a dog we both liked, creepy craigslist people.  I was ready to give up when I stumbled upon Magnificent Mutts, was approved and found an adorable puppy on their site named Moki.

Moki was listed as a lab mix, and was scheduled to be at the Petco in willowbrook for their adoption event.  Danny was hesitant, he didn’t think Moki was very cute from his pictures, but he told me it was whatever dog I wanted.  As soon as we walked into the petco, we followed towards the crowd we saw near the back of the store.  Once we were in the clearing surround by lots of people, and dogs Danny spotted him.  He pointed him out to me and oh my goodness my heart melted.  We decided to walk around and found the aisle his pen was in front of, and headed towards it.  As we were walking up to the pen Moki started walking towards us and wagging his little tail.  He was much smaller than I thought he might be, but he was even more adorable in person.  Once we checked in we were walked back over to his pen and they handed him to me.  He was scared and shaking some, but I just held him close and petted him.  After a little bit I handed him to Danny who also seemed to be smitten with him and we stood there as he fell asleep in first my arms and then Danny’s while I signed the paperwork.

We made his name tag, bought dog food and took him home right after that.  We named him Kade.  That very first night he was on the couch, and even slept with us in bed.

We can’t help it with those puppy dog eyes!DIRR7929


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