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Day 2 of 90: Fitness Challenge

3/23/2017: Today I woke up feeling really great, I think I’m finally getting used to only letting Kade out once at midnight every night.  I don’t feel groggy when my alarm goes off at 5:30.  I decided after I walked Kade that I was going to make my own lunch to take to work.  I went ahead and made myself a salad using the ranch chicken from the night before, some tomato cut up and heated with salt and pepper (helps to eliminate the juice in the tomato–I didn’t want a soggy salad!), and some avocado.  The other half of avocado that I didn’t use I ate while drinking my coffee.  (Side Note: I LOVE AVOCADOS!)

Lunch: I devoured my home made salad and was feeling very full at the end.  I topped it off with a cran-raspberry La Croix sparkling water and took a stroll around my work building.

Dinner:  By the time I got home I still was full from my salad at lunch.  Danny was also still full so we decided we would eat something light when our hunger picked up.  We ended eating some chips and onion dip and took a walk around Micheal’s craft store and target.

So far I wasn’t feeling any differently, just fuller.  Paying attention to that by itself is always my problem.  I prefer to gorge until I’m in a food coma, I finished the day about 200 Calories under what I want to be at (basic- 1200 Calories), and I had over 10,000 steps which always makes me happy.

(Weight: 168lbs.)


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