Day 1 of 30: Minimalism Challenge

I’d like to think of myself as a minimalist, I don’t need much to make me a very happy person.  I tend to be very optimistic.  I don’t like clutter, although occasionally I get messy.  I sit and think about a purchase before making an otherwise impulsive buy, and compared to Danny I own very little of anything. Of course that’s really if you aren’t including the hoardes of makeup, beauty products, craft supplies and books I have acquired.  It’s scary to think I used to have many more mateial things, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve thinned out a great portion of what I own.  It makes it much simplier for moving, and it overall looks more astetic.

I decided it was about time I declutter my life in every which way possible when I stumbled upon this lovely 30 day Minimalism challenge and decided to give it a go.

Day 1: 3/24/2017



I have to admit, I’m actually prety regular with going through my clothes for things that I haven’t worn in a year, are too big, too small, ripped, falling apart, etc.  I always go through them and the nicest least worn items are posted on my mercari page for me to sell secondhand and make some money off of.  Everything else however gets thrown out.

I headed home and I was beyond excited to start purging my wardrobe.  I came home, let Kade out and began dinner.  While it was cooking I decided to grab a garbage bag and headed into my bedroom to begin the purge.

I began going through all of my clothes.  Anything broken, that had holes, or I hadn’t worn in 6-12 months were thrown into 2 seperate categories.  One to donate or sell, and one to throw away.

Once I was finished I had 2 bags of garbage, including random papers, bags, etc. I was so proud of myself once I finished because my close looked so much better once it was all taken care of.

f737dee643b3a48f92773fdf37d06db8.jpg day 1



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