Health & Fitness

Day 3 of 90: Fitness Challenge

3/24/2017: I woke up at my usual time and took Kade out and had some coffee. (black like always)  A little bit after Danny woke up he weighed himself to see that He dropped 4 pounds, so I decided to weight myself, and I dropped 2.9 pounds so I was thrown into a great mood for the day.  Pair that with some cute heels and a dress and I was off to work.

Lunch: I ordered my all time favorite salad from the deli in my building.  It’s a Buffalo Chicken salad, loaded with blue cheese crumbles, celery, carrots, lettuce and buffalo chicken. I topped it off with a mango vitamin water and was full and refreshed for the rest of my friday

Dinner: We were feeling lazy from such a busy friday that we popped two frozen pizzas in the oven from Aldi.  We ate that while watching Game of Thrones and relaxing.  We ended up going to bed pretty early as well.

(Weight: 165.1 lbs.)


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