Health & Fitness

Day 4 of 90: Fitness


Thank god for weekends and being off of work!  I was still up though at 6 am to take Kade out.  Since he is getting used to our M-F schedule he likes to play and run around until about 7 and then he gets sleepy.  I ended up watching ‘Friends’ on the couch while Kade slept on my lap.  I made some black coffee and sipped that until about 10.

I started getting ready after that to meet up with one of my longest friends Maryann for lunch.  I headed out to Panera Bread to meet her.  I chose to do the pick two; with the chicken and wild rice soup, a grilled avocado melt, chips, and an iced green tea.  We both had a great time catching up.

Later on in the evening I wasn’t very hungry so I skipped eating and snacking on anything.  Instead I chugged down a lot of water.  Around 11:15pm I went and visited Danny while he was finishing up his shift at McBrides and we had a couple drinks together once he was off.  (Vandermill Blue and Gold Cider is so yummy!) We left around 1:30 and took a late night run to Wendy’s.  I got 2 cheeseburgers deluxe and a small fry, it hit the spot on a great night.


weight: 165.1 lbs.


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