Day 3 of 30: Minimalism Challenge

Although I woke up to a very gloomy Sunday, I was beyond excited to get started on everything I wanted to do today.  Me and Danny did a big deep clean on the house, dusting, mopping, airing it out with all the windows open.  (Sundays are our big cleaning days)


Day 3: 3/26/17


I actually have like mmmm Maybe 3 pairs of socks.  Somehow when I had moved in with Danny last year a plethora of my socks disappeared and I couldn’t find them at my parents, or anywhere in what I had moved into our condo.  However I mainly wear Danny’s sock since our feet are about the same size, and he has enough to probably give to a small army.  So today as in the minimalism challenge is a bit of a wipe, it was also productive in me being able to rearrange my book cases, and try and reorganize other parts of the house including our kitchen.

f737dee643b3a48f92773fdf37d06db8.jpg day 3


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