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April Bath Bomb Box 2017

Each month in my shop I have a monthly bath bomb box.  It comes with 4 bath bombs and a sample, sometimes lotion, sometimes another bath bomb.  It’s $13 for a monthly subscription, and that’s including the shipping cost as well.  Or you can get  a one time box for $15/$16 a month.  (It varies between the two, depending on what is in the box)

For the month of April we had so much fun making new bath bombs we just couldn’t decide which bath bombs were going to make the cut.  So we have 6 bath bombs going into it.

The first bath bomb is the Bunbun bath bomb.  It’s a white and multi-colored bath bomb, it’s a big one at 6″ and it’s scented like Jelly Beans.  Once this bath bomb hits the water it just takes a minute for it to release all the beautiful colors inside. This bath bomb is only available for purchase the month of April.

The second bath bomb is the Pastel Goth bath bomb.  And from it’s name it sure does give a slight hint as to how this both bomb looks.  It starts off with multiple pastel colors, and once it reaches the center you have a pitch black core.  It is also scented similar to Lord of Misrule by Lush.

The third bath bomb is the Sugar Fiend bath bomb, that you could probably guess from it’s name that it’s scented like buttercream frosting.  (Load on that sugar)  It’s a brightly multi-colored bath bomb with sprinkles and silver luster in it.

The Forth Bath bomb is the La La Land bath bomb.  This bath bomb is full of beautiful pastel colors, and gold and silver luster that will make your bath time sparkle.  It is also scented like Cotton Candy

The Fifth bath bomb is the Pink Moon bath bomb, that is our first ‘ombre’ bath bomb.  Going from clear, to white to pastel pink, and to a deep hot pink this bath bomb is to celebrate the April Pink Moon happening.  It is also scented similar to Heiress by Paris Hilton

The sixth and finally bath bomb is a very special one we have been formulating for months.  It is called the Dark Halo bath bomb.  It is a mix of beautiful white and gorgeous dark.  With all natural kaolin clay and activated charcoal powder to detox, and smooth your skin.  This is also scented similar to Bombshell by Victoria Secret


You can purchase the bath bomb boxes on my website


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