Health & Fitness

Day 7 of 90: Fitness Challenge

3/28/2017:  It’s officially been 1 week going through our challenge.  I had made a revelation that I would start waking up a half hour earlier to start doing some work outs from home.  As per usual I skipped breakfast, opting for my black coffee and got ready for work.

For lunch I decided to splurge since I didn’t pre-make a lunch and had no time to before work I got my favorite salad from the Deli, the Buffalo Chicken salad and some green tea.  I headed back to my office and looked up some different work outs for the rest of the week.

For dinner, we were feeling lazy once again and we decided to throw our frozen pizzas from Aldi’s in the oven.  While they cooked I meal prepped some lunches for both myself and Danny.  I made myself two pork burrito bowls, and one bowl of brown rice, tilapia and spinach leaves.

weight: 162.9 lbs.



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