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Day 47 of 90: Fitness challenge

Oh boy I am wayyyyyyy behind in uploading my food and workout blogs.

So as an update:

Me and Danny fell off the bandwagon several weeks ago, eating out a couple times a week, I still wasn’t working out, and when his wisdom teeth began growing in more the pain was so unbearable that he also held off from exercising.  (side note, he is finally getting them removed this Friday)

Last week however we decided to hell with it, go big or go home.  We started working out (almost every day) and stopped drinking alcohol.

Surprisingly Danny has been doing amazing with his weight loss.  And so far i’m down to 152 pounds.  (I’ve lost 16 pounds since we started the 90 day challenge).

The biggest factor for me has been portion control, as well as cutting back on dairy.  I do normally take a lactaid before I eat any kind of dairy products but i noticed that I still get the symptoms on occasion of gas, bloating, queasy feeling.

I will try much harder to update for the rest of the 90 day challenge.

Today’s meals:

-Breakfast: Coconut & Chia cereal with a banana cut up into it with coconut milk.  1 cup of black coffee at home and 1 cup of black coffee at work

-Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Salad, 1 mango vitamin water. followed by 4 glasses of water throughout my work shift

-Dinner: Lightly breaded & baked pork chops with cheddar and broccoli spiral noodles, I drank a black cherry sparkling water with it.

Workout: 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill.  I tend to do 1-2 minutes at a slower paced and then each minute will increase my speed &/or the incline of the treadmill.  Almost like a HIIT just treadmill walking based


Current weight: 152 lbs.


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