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May Bath Bomb Box 2017

pring is still in the air and our love for it hasn’t died down.  We are not a fan of the cold weather what-so-ever!

In the May bath bomb box this month we have the following:

April Showers, May Flowers Bath Bomb: This bath bomb is set to Debut 4/24/2017.  This bath bomb starts off with a beautiful blue, and blossoms into multiple colors.  It is also multi scented, like “rain” and blends into a beautiful spring floral scent

Margarita Bath Bomb: This is a past bath bomb that we loved so much we decided to bring back.  What better way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo then a taco in each hand while relaxing in your margarita bath?! This lime scented bath bomb is a beautiful green and adorned with chunky sea salt. (this bath bomb returns 4/21)

Beltane Bath Bomb: This passionate and fiery bath bomb is not only a beautiful blend of red, orange, yellow and pink, but also is scented like warm and inviting cinnamon and bonfire.  Beltane is a classic holiday celebrated on May 1st, as a nodd to the exact middle of the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. (this bath bomb debuts 4/23)

Flower Moon Bath Bomb: This bath bomb is to celebrate the May full moon on May 10th. This milk bath, bath bomb is scented like sunflowers, and gold glitter (this bath bomb debuts 4/23)

Finally the special gift for the May bath bomb box is: Crystal Cluster Soap Bar we have been working hard on these crystal cluster soap bars that are handmade in every way.  No two soap bars are the same.  You can receive either a purple cluster scented like lavender essential oils, a black cluster scented like veviter essential oils, or a pink cluster scented like roses. (these soap bars debut start 4/21-4/23)


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