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What’s New: May 2017

We are just around the corner from out 1 year anniversary of being reopened and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

We have been getting lots of new things planned this past couple of weeks to unload lots of new things throughout the next few months.

Some things you might have noticed have changed:

1. Our Logo: We have always had both our current and previous logo.  We decided it would be fun to switch things up a bit and displayed the one we are currently waving.

2. Brand Ambassadors: We are currently hiring for Brand Ambassadors.  Although we will be hiring 1 at a time it’s to help market our shop

3. Custom Bath Bomb boxes: Not 100% custom if you will, but custom enough to give as a gift to a friend, family member, complete stranger whoever, and making them feel a little more special.  These boxes are set with a special tissue paper color, confetti, and 1 special ‘standard’ (to the box itself) bath bomb.  You then get to choose 2 other bath bombs to add to it all for $10 (+shipping)

4. New products…: We are rolling out more new products like fizzing baths, facial clay masks.  Soon we will also be offering wax melts, whipped sugar scrubs, bubble bars, and soap/bath bomb combos. (keep your eyes peeled)

5. ‘Collection of the Moment?’: It’s a specially themed collection of products based off of something fun and spooky.  Our first collection of the moment will feature Beetlejuice products and we be available for sale starting June 1st!

Check back next month to see what’s happening 😀



Bewitched Body


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